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Plate n Sheet V4 Tutorials

Download tutorials in PDF format to quickly learn how to produce accurate patterns and start getting value from your software.

A quick introduction to the program: The Category Menu, entering measurements, applying thickness, view and zoom.

Apply or modify properties such number of press lines, pattern spacing, seam position, wrap-around templates and more.

Apply manual dimensions to the pattern. Also auto dimension true lengths, plate size, coordinates, bend angles and more.

Identify project, export a DXF of the pattern or model. Layers, printing views, printing patterns and templates.

Setting global options and defaults. Calibrating the printer, material options, dimension options. Move and rotate patterns.

Mass properties, area, weight of material, The materials editor.

Import a mesh from AutoCAD, Intellicad or a DXF and unfold in Plate n Sheet Version 4.

Butt joins, applying lap joins to sheet metal patterns, notching of corners.